Perhaps you may not have really heard of it yet, but Tole Painting is another form of Decorative Painting. Oil painting books would mention that Tole painting has been in existence since the 18th century. You may wonder what Tole means. The word is actually a French word that means varnished or polished metal ware often painted in gold. It can also refer to as a table or board. In the current times that we are in, tole painting is done on any metallic things such as coffee pots, tin pots and kitchen utensils. It is also done on wooden items like chairs, tables, wooden boxes, jewelry boxes, wooden chests, toy boxes and other similar items. Tole painting started in New England as a folk art. It is a kind of folk art and a form of decorative painting which was usually done on objects made of tin. This kind of painting was passed on to German immigrants who used it mostly on tin and metal things while those in the Scandinavian countries used tole painting mostly on wooden objects like tables, chairs and other kinds of furniture. They differed in designs as well. In present times, modern tole painting makes use of acrylic paints. These types of paint are relatively inexpensive, durable and could last for a very long time. It is usually used on wooden objects. Priming is first done on the wooden objects and followed by sanding to make the surface even and smooth. Tole painting usually uses the one stroke method with a brush or sometimes a few more added strokes are done to make it more attractive. Tole painting can give the wooden object or metal object some value. The intended value can be dependent upon the quality of tole painting done on the object, the history or legend of its subject and the quality of the object as well. There are many well loved tole paintings done on family heirlooms such as furniture, silver ware, jewelry boxes, chest boxes and similar other things. The designs and patterns could be favorite designs in forms of colorful flowers and animals. Designs and patterns can also depict family stories, humor within the family, words of wisdom and other illustrations that have to do with family relationships. One good advantage of tole painting is that it can be easily corrected or erased from the object's surface. If you are not pleased with the painting you can sand it off or re-paint it. If you happen to go to flea markets or antique stores you can always find many forms of tole painting in these places. You can find tole painting in decorative trays, chairs and small table sets. Silver ware also has tole paintings on them. Most of these have lacquered paint or trimmings on them to protect the paint. With tole painting as another form of decorative painting you are assured that your things would look more beautiful. Newbies and some by famous painters do most of these painting works that touches our heart. It has been seen. Read Article Murals By Jericho: For The Preservation Of Sacred Spaces Every mural designer answers to a rich tradition -- one that goes beyond the simple decoration of walls with painted images of biblical scenes. To the inheritor of such a. Read Article Beautiful Original Wildlife art Paintings for Sale The wildlife art is the major form of art that attracts the wide range of animal lovers. More and more artists are inspired and enjoy the creative challenge of capturing their. We have an exclusive collection of readymade canvas prints that you can. It is an innovative way of adding a new and fresh look to your house in a simple. Read Article Painting as a Hobby Can you sketch well? Do you know what colors look good together? If you have a talent in this, then you might as well study the art of painting. Painting is a hobby that can. Read Article Tips in Home Decorative Painting One of the most versatile and innovative ways to bring style and sophistication to your home is by decorative painting. Many decorative painting books would give you great ideas. Read Article Fly Fishing and Fly Lines Any fly fishing book would advise you that in order for you to get started on the right path of this sport is to get a good fly line. Aside from the rod, the right fly line to. Read Article