Children have trouble establishing their self worth just like adults. They wonder if they are good enough for friends, teachers, and even their parents. Work with your child to help them create a healthy self portrait for a healthy life. Find out what interests them. Activities that build them up should stem from what they most like to do. If this is sports, then ask which sport they most enjoy. Before they join a team though, let them start out by getting some practice with the family. If they like basketball, invest in a basketball goal for your yard. Practice with your child on a regular basis. Praise them when they use good form and make the shot. Offer them constructive criticism laced with love to keep them motivated and on their toes. When they have mastered the basics, ask them if they want to try out for a summer league or a school team. Encourage them to do their best, but most of all, to have fun. Get your child involved in the youth group at your local church or YMCA. Youth groups teach children a variety of skills and activities designed to be fun and informative. Through their encouragement, your child will learn to make new friends. He/she will also learn to fish, play intramural games, make crafts, and work in a group. Making friends can be intimidating. When your child finds others who accept them for themselves, their self esteem will soar. And, they will have done it on their own. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America train today young people to become tomorrow leaders in the community. Start your son or daughter off early as a Brownie or a Cub Scout. Through challenges, your child will have the opportunity to earn badges for various life saving skills. They can earn badges for fire safety, swimming, camping know-how, crafts, and many others. The Scouts teach good sportsmanship and love of God and country. Some of the men and women in positions of leadership in this country started out as a Boy or a Girl Scout. Artistic activities help to bring out the creative side in a child. Let your child experiment with drawing, painting, music, and/or writing. Give them the freedom to find out what they are good at. When they choose an activity, help to find them a mentor who can nurture their desire to learn. I always wanted to paint, but was no good at it. When I discovered writing at an early age, I discovered that I could paint beautiful pictures with words and still have people see what I saw using the medium of my paper and pen. My mother encouraged me to keep writing. She read my stories and keeps them to this day. Give your child a job to do around the house. I don mean a chore, but some task that is just for them. For example, give one of your young children the task of watering the indoor and outdoor flowers everyday. The plants need water and if the child doesn give it to them, they won get it. Knowing that you rely on and trust in them to do that one job will make your child feel important. Along with the feelings of importance and responsibility comes positive self-worth. The key to self worth for anyone is the feeling that you are needed. Self-esteem is a very fragile quality in a child. One incident could easily shatter it. Keep your child on a positive slant when it comes to their self image through communication and support. Read our full Terms of Service. 6 Reasons to Sell Ebooks on ClickbankHow Virtual Assistants Can Use PLR to Attract More ClientsFour Misconceptions For PLR ContentHow to Choose a Good Web Domain NameHow to Get More Ratings and Reviews on iTunes More from Kids Good Parenting: Stop Losing It With Your KidsWhen Loved Ones Hit the Road: How to Handle it When Someone You Love Can't Handle Your Child's IllnessThe Words a Mommy Never Wants to Hear - Something is Wrong with Your BabyThe Importance of Spending Time with Your ChildrenHow to Keep Your Children Occupied Once School Is Out