Painting is a graded course where students are evaluated on work habits, creativity, and overall effort. This 12 week course will have students explore many different types of painting, and go in depth with control and skill building strategies with these materials. Students will have the opportunity to find areas of painting that are interesting to them, and also try other materials that they may have little experience. The students' responsibilities are as follows: Be on time for class. If it is a work day, students can start getting their materials. I will not tolerate art that is poor quality. It is up to YOU to put all of your effort into these projects. A good artist ALWAYS plans before they create! Your sketches will be part of your final grade, and it is wise to remember to label your sketch with the date and project title. There is a research power point presentation due during the last week of this 12 week trimester. You will have the information needed to start this assignment the first week of class, and it is up to YOU to do your research outside of class! A power point demonstration will be held in class if necessary. This is a part of your final grade!Art is fun, and have a good time with it! It is okay to have meaningful conversations while you are working on your projects, but NOT when the teacher is giving instructions, background, and demonstrations! Disrespectful behavior will be handled in JR High/High School standards. In other words, just because you are in art, does NOT give you the right to act out!Each project will run about 5-7 class periods (work times may be adjusted according to the teachers observation). Students will participate in a self-evaluation of their work, a class evaluation (where noted), and a final evaluation from the teacher. Your potential projects will be as follows (time permitted): Choice Painting: Choose any subject and paint it using tints and shades! Think about interesting backgrounds, blending colors, and making this really interesting! Silk screen painting: Mandalas: History and presentation about Mandalas and silk screening. Create your own radiating Mandala and paint silk screen style. Found Object painting: Bring ANY object from home and creatively paint it. Choose an interesting style Shape painting with one color: Shades and Tints. Realism Letter Illumination: Students will research about the Renaissance times and Calligraphy style lettering. The students will create 2 letters: One for a school activity, and their own first letter of their name using the Illumination style writing/painting. Letter Illumination Lesson Air brush stencil: Bring in a T shirt to airbrush your symbol: Limited Colors are available, so deal with it!!!! Still life painting: Vase with flowers: Choose a style: Expressionism, Impressionism, Abstract, or Realism. Paint in that style. Self Portrait : Paint yourself! Pay attention to skin tones and facial features. Mirrors are needed! Realism. add yours if you would like, or get more ideas! Watercolor landscape (Save for May): Outside. Since we have limited choice of landscapes, we will all paint what we see. Ceiling Tile Painting: Try something original and different! This material is not the easiest to paint, so try and not get frustrated… use a simple idea and go with that. Brick Painting: Create your mark on Sigourney High School. Must ONLY take up one brick! Choice Oil Painting: Oils will be introduced, and students will have a small surface to practice using this difficult medium. Subject will be students' choice! Action painting: Be Jackson Pollack for a day: Presentation about Pollack and his work. See clips from the movie. Cups with holes in it, not splatter, but drip. Create an emotion behind the painting Pop Art: Bring in a 4 by 6 picture of a person, famous or not. Photocopy the image at least 4 times. Glue your images down onto a stronger white paper, and finally a thick piece of cardboard or wood. In an Andy Warhol style (see presentation), create your images with different colors of paint, putting emphasis on lines and bright colors. Power Point: Famous Painter. You must sign up for a famous Painter so no one doubles up. You will choose one great Painter. More points will go to persons that make the presentation more interesting. Please send the presentation to me VIA email. *A power point demonstration will be given to the class if needed. * You will need to sign up for your artist that you wish to research. There will only be ONE person per artist, and it is first come, first serve. You will receive this information the first week of class, and you will have until the last week of the trimester to complete it! Do not say it was not brought to your attention!