Native American drums are so much more than just instruments. They make a statement that carries the weight of an entire culture in their meaning. Owning a hand painted drum is a very personal opportunity. It gives you the chance to connect with another person in a different place or time. It is thrilling to hold one of the older drums from years ago and to imagine what it must have been like for the artist. How did they live? What were their dreams and desires or maybe their difficulties and challenges in life? Many people love to use real natural hide hand drums for drumming circles and powwows as well as decorating for just these kinds of reasons. Even if you never play it, a drum has a personality and is a wonderful way to add warmth, color and beauty to your home. Your family and friends will enjoy the rich culture they display and you will be proud to own a unique piece of American Indian Art. Native American painted drums are one-of-a-kind which makes them great for wall or home decor and for ceremonial purposes as well. Rawhide drums hand crafted by the Tarahumara Indians from goat skin rawhide and hand painted, have rich colorful pictures or symbols. You will find there are an endless variety of sizes, designs, symbols and colors that will meet your home decor or drumming needs. You may like a painted drum table that is available to be used as a small end table beside your chair, couch, or door. It is wonderful to know how easy it is to embrace the Native American culture and history in our home by having a painted drum. Through each painted scene, you will see their heritage passionately poured out for you and your guests to treasure. Painted Indian drums hold a different meaning for each drummer while they are using them during their ceremonies. Instead of using a natural shaman or hoop drum, they paint their drum to represent their personality and rich heritage. You will commonly see these drums used in powwows, dances, and other Native American ceremonies. Some Boy Scout leaders have used painted drums for the Order of the Arrow projects. The Order of the Arrow uses American Indian customs and ceremonial practices to give selected scouts recognition for best demonstration of the Scouting principles. Whether you choose to have them for drumming or your home decor, you will enjoy having a part of the Native American culture in your life. For generations, drums have been decorated using traditional methods. The artist would sometimes use a stick with feathers or a ball of cotton on one end as a make shift brush to decorate their drum with a personal touch. The paint was made from natural dyes that were found in nature. Berries, crushed stones and flowers, certain clay products, burnt shells and duck manure were just a few of the natural sources found in nature that were used for various paints. In our day and time, artists are able to use modern day paints and tools to express their treasured heritage on their drums. The colorful designs were commonly seen only in caves, but now we are able to enjoy them in the comfort of our own home as well. Beautifully hand painted drums will really be a wonderful accent for your Indian wall decor. You can even find small painted drum ornaments that may be used for decorating a Christmas tree or for other unique home decor. No matter what your choice is when decorating your home, you will be thrilled to have a painted drum representing this incredible culture and heritage. Through the generations of Native American tribes, drum painting has become a tradition used to express the American Indian way of life. Even though drumming and painted drums may vary traditionally between tribes, the ceremonies have remained sacred among all who participate. Each artist is inspired by their heritage and cherishes their abilities to paint such a true image of their culture which is then handed down to future generations. You will see throughout the scenes or symbols painted that each are a reminder of the past and are also united with the future. Painted artwork can be inspiring when it represents the remarkable history and culture of the many Native American tribes. Who would not want these one-of-a-kind painted drums for their southwestern home decor? You will be glad that you chose to have a piece of native heritage displayed in your home or as a part of your drumming circle. Individual pieces are priced well, but when you buy the complete living room, bedroom or dining room set, you save even more. We offer affordable fashionable furniture in a variety of styles, from contemporary and modern to classic and traditional. Select living rooms in a wide array of upholstery, including chenille, microfiber and leather. Choose a sleigh bed, canopy bed, poster bed or panel styling in natural wood finishes from our vast selection of bedrooms. Dining room sets range from casual for the kitchen to the most formal dining setting.